"New Song’s programs stand out as unique, needed and effective. I applaud their devotion to the people of China."

~ Max Lucado, Best-Selling Author


"This recipient may be deemed 'unreachable' by society, but she was deeply impacted by YAS. This impact is so important, especially considering her biological parents had literally thrown her away as a baby… we believe she felt loved and valued. And that is quite a lot." 

~ Key Partner in Shenyang


"I knew I was special at the very beginning, and I believe that many are like me knowing that we are special. But knowing is not believing… as for believing, it is something we put in our heart, and it truly impacts our attitude, lifestyle and lives. "

~ Social Worker and YAS program participant from Guang Yuan



"New Song’s message changed my relationship with my son… I realized that the You Are Special book is intended to impact not only children but adults just like me... We have learned how to accept and understand each other especially when our views are different; this has been the greatest gift I have received as a volunteer at New Song.

~ A YAS Volunteer


"A simple story reveals a big message! This is a program helping people to rebuild good relationships with themselves, others, and with God. It helps people understand their true value so that they can freely love themselves, others and the Lord. 

~ Operation Blessing General Manager


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