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In a world becoming increasingly fast-paced, technology driven, and materialistic, individuals experience greater isolation, insecurity, and aimlessness. While on the rise politically and economically, the aforementioned consequences could not be more real in today’s China. Thankfully, many non-profit endeavors are working to address these issues.


But ... Can an organization effectively address issues of such a personal nature? Are individuals open to receiving a message about their worth, identity and purpose? Could this message be both culturally relevant and biblically sound? New Song’s answer to all these questions is a resounding “YES”!


Below is a general overview of New Song’s work and history:



New Song’s Founder, Julie Schulze, begins to share the biblical message of self-worth.


Julie, with a team of local believers, implement programs and curriculum pertaining to such for over 10,000 men, women and children across China.


Plans for the formation of a non-profit organization dedicated to offering innovative, culturally-attuned, and biblically-grounded personal development resources are underway.

DEC 2012

Through the work of a skilled and engaged Board of Directors, a team of 5 full-time, local employees in the Beijing office, on-going interns and a host of dedicated volunteers and partners across Mainland China (foreign and local) over 25,000 individuals have benefitted from New Song services.

NOV 2010

New Song becomes a legally registered 501c3 charity in the US.

SEPT 2010

Xin Sheng, New Song’s operational arm in China, opens its first office in Beijing.

JUNE 2013

With a refreshed vision and mission, New Song finds a home in Operation Blessing’s headquarter offices in China.

MARCH 2017

With a new emphasis on sustainable programming, New Song has licensed its materials to a trusted Chinese education company with a proven track record in offering quality values-based education and training.


Our time of direct in-country ministry has concluded and we are happy to make our materials avialble to all interested parties.

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