On a practical level, You Are Special (YAS) and Be Yourself! (BY!) and You Are Mine (YAM)  can be implemented in 2 ways: 



Highly trained New Song instructor(s) can come to your location and directly implement a YAS, BY! or YAM Experience (an abbreviated version of the program) for your staff or group. No set up or assistance from your organization is required and we will work with you on the time and content of the material for your target audience.



3-T stands for “train to teach.” We work with your organization to teach you how to implement our programs to your target audience. This is particularly helpful for an organization that would like to repeatedly give the YAS,  BY! or YAM training according to their schedule and content needs. Many NPOs have 3-T trainers who have shaped the programs to their specific needs and now successfully and effectively implement the programs year after year. We have found that 3T Training is also a rich discipleship opportunity for trainees who benefit from exploring the biblical foundations.




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