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The Be Yourself! Program utilizes another beloved book by Max Lucado, If Only I Had a Green Nose. Be Yourself! builds on the YAS message of self worth going a step further in addressing identity and the influences of negative peer pressure. The enduring understanding of Be Yourself! is simply conveyed in those two words: be yourself, that is, to embrace who you are uniquely created to be. The lessons specifically bring to light the seen and unseen pressures to conform to someone else’s image often resulting in negative consequences. The program aims to equip young people with strategies to maintain a healthy sense of self worth. Similar to YAS, each participant should come away from the program knowing every person is unique, important, and created for a purpose.


Like YAS, the Be Yourself! program is biblically based; however, the Master Curriculum Guide is appropriate for either church or non-church venues. We recognize that popular culture’s idea of identity is not the goal in Be Yourself!

As such, our 3-T (Train-to-Teach) Training program makes every effort to steer away from false ideas of “self-esteem.” The lessons include biblically sound, universally applicable and practical methods to renew the mind and change behavior away from negative influences. Again, wherever it is appropriate, the biblical foundations should be shared.


We offer the following written materials free to our Key Partners. For more information on obtaining materials or partnering with us click here.

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