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The YAS program utilizes You Are Special, a book by best-selling author Max Lucado, as the cornerstone for self-worth development lectures, activities, small group sessions, and one-on-one conversations. The enduring understanding of this program is for participants to come to know, and believe, that they are special. Since 2006, program participants as young as toddlers and as old as grandparents have benefitted from YAS instruction. A variety of organizations, all with differing organizational cultures and concerns, have found YAS to be dynamic addition to their current program offerings.


While we believe the message of YAS is universally applicable, we also believe this message is best conveyed alongside it’s biblical foundation. Program implementers are instructed in the biblical foundations so they can fully reinforce the symbolism of the storybook character of Eli  who clearly represents a loving God from whom we derive our true self worth.  In addition, we have created a companion Biblical Perspective document and Bible Study for those organizations able to overtly include the biblical references for youth programs, outreach, or YAS teacher training.


Some people find it curious that such a simple book, with such a simple message, could have the impact we’ve seen through YAS. We think it goes to show that in the midst of all the positive progress of modern life, many of us have forgotten the basic truth of the dignity and value of all mankind. The YAS Program simply serves as a reminder.


We offer the following written materials free to our Key Partners. For more information on obtaining materials or partnering with us click here.

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