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The You Are Mine curriculum utilizes Max Lucado’s book of the same title. This third guide emphasizes the fact that EVERYONE is important not because of what they own, but because of who(se) they are. The playing with grammar is intentional because as Christians, we recognize that ultimately our worth derives from belonging to God and having our purpose in Him. Everyone longs to feel that they are significant, prized, and indispensable.The YAM curriculum plows deep in order to seed the biblical foundation of identity and self worth.


The lessons are designed for 14-16 year olds and wrestle with age-appropriate issues of competition, jealousy, and greed while examining the cost to well-being when measuring importance with the wrong metric. Students will learn to define their core values, and explore the nature of true generosity and proper stewardship of their time, talents and resources—including global resources. You Are Mine is biblically based and culturally relevant for this generation of Chinese. Through the YAM program we hope to intercede for many before they are captured by the deceits of the material age. 


The following are offered free to our Key Partners. For more information on obtaining materials or partnering with us click here. For more information on the YAM (You Are Mine) curriculum, based on You Are Mine by Max Lucado click here.

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